Nicky Woodhouse – Founder | Creative Director

Way back in the year 2000 Nicky got her first television job at GMTV and worked for six years on factual entertainment and primetime documentary series for the BBC, ITV and Channel 4.

In 2007 her life got really interesting when she became the first in-house Producer/ Director in the Conservative Party’s history self-shooting, directing and editing “Webcameron” until David Cameron became Prime Minister in May 2010. Webcameron’s style of short, regular video blogs changed the way politicians around the world communicated with the public. Webcameron had over 4 million channel views on YouTube.

Nicky founded WVP in 2011 and has worked all over the world for clients large and small. She is a keen surfer and proud mum to her daughter Nancy. To connect with her on LinkedIN click here.