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Virtual Event Filming Worldwide

Virtual Conference Video Production Experts

Your production delivery partner for pre-recording your events, conferences, symposiums, and virtual congresses.

Do you want to take the stress out of your virtual conference, event or medical symposium conference by pre-recording your video presentations? Want to elevate the production value of your webinars beyond a low-fi webcam and deliver crisp video and audio that provides a more premium on-brand experience for delegates attending your virtual conference? Want complete control over how your content looks and sounds? We can help!

Based in the UK and USA we work with a network of global production crew who can simultaneously film your speakers to create virtual panel and discussion lead content for webcasts, streaming, and integration to the virtual conference platform of your choice.

Virtual symposium filming and production services

A global network of film professionals

We send our friendly, flexible crew to your speakers to pre-record their presentations and panel discussions. Using our tried and tested method speakers can communicate in real-time as part of an  “as live” virtual panel.

Simulcast cast recording regardless of location

One speaker in Melbourne, one in Milan? No problem! Save money on speaker travel costs and reduce your carbon footprint.

Speaker coaching and direction

We have extensive experience working with FTSE 100 CEOS, world leaders, and academics. We can coach your speakers to deliver their best performance.

Powerpoint design and animation

We can design, animate, and lay back your PowerPoint decks in real-time to match the speaker delivery. Perfect for the presentation of complex information.

Bespoke editing and post-production

We edit best takes and cut out false starts, polishing your presentation to perfection.


We can provide autocues and operators to ensure your presentations are delivered accurately, succinctly, and professionally.

Location sourcing 

We can hire studios, offices, or other bespoke locations to film your speakers.

In the past 12 months we have filmed in the above locations

Let’s start the conversation today about how you can produce video assets for your next virtual or hybrid virtual


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