The Laphroaig Choir | Christmas Tour 2019

Nicky joined the Laphroaig Christmas Choir as they toured the UK singing Christmas carols about people’s opinions of Laphroaig to the tune of famous Christmas Carols.

Festive rock and roll excess at it’s best!


Working with our friends at White Label, Laphroaig’s global creative agency, this brand activation video tells the story of the ambitious #BIGOPINIONS event that harnessed the power of Twitter to bring the world’s opinions of Laphroaig back to it’s home in Islay, Scotland.

Watch the video to find out how it all worked and hear some truly unique opinions about the most famous of all the Islay single malt whiskies.

Nicky and her team at WVP are wonderful. They always deliver great work, go above and beyond in their filming requirements and (from an agency point of view) always get the brand’s voice and message bang on.

Probably their biggest strength for me is how quick they can take direction, especially in the edit. They are super fast to make any changes and always keep a cool head.

In a word. AMAZING.

Clayton WrightSenior Producer, White Label