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Content and ads created pre- COVID 19 feel so jarring right now don’t you think? I’ve lost count of the times I have tutted under my breath at a seemingly innocent scene depicting a banal pre-Corona utopia. People in busy hairdressers drinking coffee, school kids sharing biscuits, women in face masks at a spar. Anything none domestic feels weird, dated and a wee bit irritating.

In contrast, the work that has most grabbed my attention has embraced the situation head-on. The brand’s commissioning UGC, webcam spots, even those doing it badly, feel like they are a present and active part of our new reality. Friends along for the ride if you will. As everyone keeps banging on about they have “pivoted” to stay relevant and prove that it is still possible to create great work remotely.

Here are some of the finest examples so far of the best COVID19 creativity: –

Vodafone: #KeepingtheUkConnect


Dove | Courage is Beautiful


British Gas | Here To Solve

Virgin Media

BBC Creative | Set A Routine

Lockdown Living

And here in Devon, quarantined with my partner, our hyperactive 3-year-old we have learned from Alan that having a routine is very important to surviving the day.

remote video production

Perhaps a touch ambitious 🤟

This schedule on the fridge was largely abandoned 2 weeks ago but we are surviving. Keeping sane, though? .. I’ll leave you to be the judge of that…

And aside from baking cakes, exercising, and dressing as cats WVP are still open for business providing remote video production to brands and agencies. Keeping it simple, telling a good story, and raising a smile has never been more important.